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October 2002.


Thanks to young Jonathan Mosgrove.

The entire Biblezone website is simply but profoundly dedicated to the memory of a courageous young man called Jonathan Mosgrove, whose brief but eventful life touched so many others with the love of his wonderful Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

Jonathan was a very likable unassuming young man, and we know that in school he never allowed his frustrations and anger to be seen, but he had an air of quiet acceptance, and of maturity beyond his years.

The 19th October 2000 was the date of this 14 year old boy`s sad funeral.

It was an amazing occassion at Roselawn Cemetery, on the very peak of the Castlereagh area hills a day that will forever remain indelibly etched in my memory. All his weeping school class lined both sides of the route that led to his grave, with all the school teachers lovingly standing by.

A short time later Jonathan’s mum Jacquelene and Tom his dad came to see me, and told me that Jonathan had a money box, and no one had a clue just how much was in it.

So they counted it and they discovered that he had gathered £670, they sought God`s face in prayer as to what they should do with it and they believed that the Lord would have them give it to me, as a special gift, for my ministry as an Evangelist.

I was overwhelmed and at a loss to know how to react to love like this. So I prayed, and became convinced in my soul that it would be entirely wrong to spend the money upon anything that would swallow it up quickly, lest it should be forgotten, but rather that it should perpetuate itself in some way and be long remembered as Jonathan’s gift.

This entire site is dedicated to young Jonathan himself, whose five barley loaves and two small fish are going to feed the multitudes, in a certain sense all over the world, via the internet. (D.V.)

Please take a moment and visit the extended Tribute to our beloved Jonathan that we have incorporated into our directory.


We thank you most sincerely Mr Jim McFarland LLB (Solicitor) for all the “behind the scenes” effort and activity, and ingenuity, and Godly counsel, that brought the Charity and the Company to fruition in the first place.


We are very grateful for the gracious permission given to photograph the beautiful model of The Tabernacle, meticulously fashioned and built by Mr Andrew Gillespie, and his father the late Mr George Gillespie, from Newtownards, and for Andrew’s tireless transportation of the above model to various sites for display without ever murmuring a word of complaint.

Our thanks to Mr Paul McCabe of and his wife Lorraine from Hillsborough County Down, who gave us so much encouragement, above and beyond the call of duty, as he so expertly photographed the above model of the Tabernacle and the full scale model of the High Priest.

Paul is a full time teacher in the Religious Education Department at THE WALLACE HIGH SCHOOL in Lisburn and we thank him also for the magnificent depictions of The Tabernacle and its furnishings, painted by himself and his associates Miss Rachel Smyth and Miss Sharon Watters from Lisburn, that will eventually find their way on to this site.

On Monday 14th November 1996 Liz and I attended a friend’s wedding in Rugby Avenue Rea Memorial Hall on the Ormeau Road and afterward at the Country House Hotel in Ballymena. We met up there with David Smith who officiated at the wedding and his dear wife Maragaret. Margaret and I had gone to the same school and then to the Past Pupil Association but had not seen each other for over forty years.
I asked her if she still had an interest in craftwork and making models because she had a tremendous talent for it at school. To my surprise, she said “Yes” and had made many wedding dresses etc.. down through the years. I then shared with her my vision of one day making a full scale model of the High Priest’s Garments and she showed real interest.
A short time later I went on a walkabout in Belfast looking at material and ended up in the Paragon Stores. While talking to the shop assistant about my intended venture, I heard a voice beside me saying, “I thought I was going to do that”. Unbelievably it was Margaret standing beside me in a way that could only have been by Divine Appointment.
I cannot speak highly enough of Margaret and David for they have put up with me ever since. She is of the Spirit and Wisdom of Bezaleel, I can assure you, and she painstakingly worked to get the “Garments for Glory and for Beauty” replicated. Also thanks to her very patient, Godly husband who put up with all the upheaval whilst the garments were being made.

Mr Howard Martin and his wife Eileen are from Saintfield Baptist Church and he is a Textile Technologist by profession. Being involved in the Design and Development of new products, he very graciously undertook to find a Mill with an old fashioned Loom, as everything is computerised nowadays. He then stayed overnight in Blackburn, Darwen, near Bolton, in Lancashire, England, to organise the production of this lovely material for the replica of the Ephod and The Breastplate of the High Priest Garments.


We believe that you will agree with us that Mr David Vance McCracken from Belfast Northern Ireland, was an ideal model for the representation of the High Priests Garments. We are forever grateful to David and extremely appreciative of his willingness to execute this task completely free of charge.


We are grateful to Mr Cris Allen of Soda Design and Architecture, who is a fully qualified Architect Designer, for undertaking the creation of “an animated walk through” of the old testament Tabernacle, so that we might offer it absolutely free to all who wish to download and use it for lecturing, teaching, and for the purpose of the promotion of Christianity and Bible knowledge worldwide.


The beautiful overhead projections from Los Angeles, given by Dean & Wendy Mc Phail, and some from Canada, given by Edmund & Betty Fleming from Portadown, as well as a lovely set of slides, that we received as a gift from John & Eleanor Johnston from Comber are all very gratefully received.

Mr Reg Catley (Lapidary) Bangor, for all the advice, counsel and instruction given concerning the stones for the Shoulders and the Breastplate of Judgement.

Mr Andy Bulled and Mr James Harvey (Webmasters)
Mr Aaron Bates (Website Content)
Mr Samuel Lowry (To be continued)
Mr Noel Davidson (To be continued)

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