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Thank you for visiting the Biblezone website.

This little net is lovingly cast across the broad acres of the earth with all it’s inhabited air, land and sea, propelled by faith in the Great Almighty God our Heavenly Father, Creator of this vast universe and all that is therein:

With one desire above all others that Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son, our precious Lord and Saviour might be Exalted and glorified by the power and demonstration of the gracious Holy Spirit of God through the ministry of it’s embrace.

Through this website you will be able to access useful material for the teaching of God’s infallible word.

It is our desire at ‘’ to make a free Scriptural resource available to Christians everywhere. We hope that you will find this website useful in your endeavours for God.

All material by ‘’ is copyrighted. However, these materials may be freely copied and distributed unaltered for the purpose of study and teaching, so long as they are made available to others free of charge, and the copyright is included. These materials may not in any manner, be used for financial gain or to solicit “monetary contributions” from others, nor may they be included without permission in anything you intend to copyright, sell, or offer for a fee. This copyright is exercised to keep these materials freely available to all.

We are a Christian based charity and as such we cannot charge for the use of any of the contents of this site, however, should you wish to express your appreciation and support, you can make a donation to this address:
A4 Portora Wharf
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Alternatively, you can make a donation through PayPal using the link to the right. All of the monies received will be used to promote and maintain the site; all of the contributors to the site do so voluntarily and receive no income from this registered charity.

Please understand that we cannot enter into any correspondence, if you have any comments to make about the site, feel free to use the feedback button on the home page.

You will notice on the Directory page that if you ‘hover’ your mouse arrow over the option buttons, an explanation of the contents will be displayed.

There are many exciting materials to discover such as high quality pictures of the High Priests’ Garments, The Tabernacle and it’s Furniture. Also included are the full contents of the widely read testimony book, “This is for Real” by the evangelist George Bates.

For the Teachers, Preachers and Youth Leaders among you there are lots of helpful guides in the form of lesson outlines, hints for young converts and answers to frequently asked questions.

May God Bless you as you browse ‘the biblezone’.

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