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This is for Sure

In today’s world, there seems to be a shortage of answers for souls who genuinely seek them. Here, we endeavour to answer some of those challenging questions from the Word of God using this question and answer series of messages. Each question has one or more accompanying “MP3 Audio messages which can be downloaded to your computer and shared freely.

Our desire is that you might be built up in your most holy faith, or, if you have never trusted the Lord Jesus, that you might embrace His gracious offer of Salvation and experience the joy of sins forgiven and peace with God.

Click on the blue MP3 icon to begin download for immediate listening. If you would like to save the file for use on an MP3 player: right click on the Blue MP3 icon, select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” and choose where you want to store the message on your computer. Finally, press the “Save” Button.

1. Who are the Sons of God in Genesis Chapter 6 ?

MP3 Message

2. What does it mean there is conflict between our Old and New Natures ?
(5 Messages in this Series)
MP3 Message
Part 1
MP3 Message
Part 2
MP3 Message
Part 3
MP3 Message
Part 4
MP3 Message
Part 5
3. Should Christians keep the Sabbath Day ? MP3 Message
Part 1
4. By what name are we known ? Image
5. Baptism, Why, Who and How ? Image
6. What is the Church and what do the Scriptures say ? Image
7. Are there sinners born that Christ’s blood cannot cleanse ? Image
8. How can we be sure that Jesus will come again ? Image




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