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This is for Saints

Here you can find a range of materials, suitable for teaching the Word of God. Sermons, are available in Audio, PDF and Word format. Picture Galleries depicting the High Priest and the Tabernacle are presented in beautiful detail. Video clips showing a “3D walk through of the tabernacle” and the “tabernacle furnishings” are also included .

Please take time to look through all our resources and use them freely in the Master’s service.

High Priest Gallery
High Priest Gallery

Tabernacle Gallery
Tabernacle Gallery

Tabernacle Furniture Video
Furniture Video

Tabernacle Walkthrough Video


Image God’s Global WarningsA brand new series of ministry messages by George Bates, available in mp3 format, on what God has to say about this present world and what the future holds, based on the book of the Revelation. Click on each title below to download an audio message.
1. A Pleased Father 9.   The Church that put Christ out
2. Turn your eyes upon Jesus 10. The Throne
3. A Forsaken Love 11. The Exalted Lamb
4. A Crushed Church 12 .The Coming Distractions
5. The Unholy wedlock of Pergamos 13. The 144 thousand
6. The hidden corruption at Thyatira 14. The Seventh Seal Opened
7. The Church of the Living Dead in Sardis 15. Hell Let Loose
8. Brotherly Love Revival 16. The Anonymous Angel

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